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Red Rake Gaming Arrives In Portugal

Red Rake Gaming, in case you don’t know is a B2B provider who provides online casino games. The company provides Slots, all the way down to Roulette games. In short, everything Casino.

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Apple's iPhone and Privacy

So, I finally took the plunge and got a new iPhone. I got the iPhone XR. I don’t even have a week with it, and so far so good I must say. I’m upgrading from the iPhone 6s. Mainly becaus

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When is Makeup Too Much

Does your woman wear too much makeup? It must be difficult with the social construct of beauty needing to meet a certain body frame and size. Makeup is just another paradigm in the many facades wom

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e-Sports: Video Games Now A High School Sport

  I got a friend,  who’s kids are in their early teens respectively. He was one time telling me, with a quite concerned look on his face, that his kids  "seek

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Positive Languages VS Negative Languages

  Most people are either optimists or pessimists. But that can apply to languages too! Scientists repeatedly analyze the vocabulary of languages. In doing so they often come to astoun

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Things Men and Women Obsess Over

  Lets be honest, despite how many changes we go through, how many ups and downs we face there’s always certain desires, wants and needs that remain with us through out our life

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